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The Adventurous Woman take several trips a year to enjoy the outdoors.

April Monthly Meeting

The April Monthly Meeting was canceled.  See you at the May meeting!

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March hike at Little Manatee River State Park

We had a beautiful day for a hike at Little Manatee River State Park. Although planned a couple of weeks ahead of time, the weather could not have turned out better as we had a cold front come through.  It was a 6.5 mile hike, part of it along the river.  We saved the beautiful river view for last.

With the nice weather, we met a few hikers along the way, of all ages and some families brought their dogs along for a hike.

We saw some people trying to paddle canoes and kayaks in the river.  The water was a bit low in places so it looked a little challenging for them.

Looking forward to our next adventure!

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Superbowl Hike at Sawgrass Lake Park

It was perfect weather for a hike at Sawgrass Lake Park, a great opportunity to get out and stretch our legs before the Superbowl later that day.  We walked every trail at the park and climbed the observation tower.  We saw one baby alligator but never did see the mother.  We saw a variety of birds, especially on the lake.  Unfortunately, we saw a bit of trash floating too.

We enjoyed the opportunity to be outside and are looking forward to our next hike of the year, before the unusually warm weather gets too warm!

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Scalloping in Homosassa

Our August trip will be our annual scalloping trip to Homosassa.  Planning to attend or going scalloping on your own?  Here is a FAQ we developed a few years ago with tips if your are new to scalloping or reminders if you’ve done it before.  You can read about one of our previous Scallop Scurry trips and here is a video of the late Terry Tomalin and his son Kai when they went out scalloping for an ABC Action News story.  Questions about the scalloping trip?  Drop a note to

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