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The Adventurous Woman take several trips a year to enjoy the outdoors.

Fishing at the Skyway Pier

Our trip in May was a fishing trip to the Skyway Pier. We met at about 9:00 on a Saturday morning. The cost was $4 a person and $4 a car. They had fishing poles available for rent, although most of us had our own. (You can call 727-865-0668 for current rental rates and more information about fishing at the pier.)

It was warm and it was more fishing than catching but it was a fun time. We hope to go fishing here again, perhaps when it is cooler.

Camping at Fort De Soto

In April, we went camping at Fort De Soto. Activities included kayaking, fishing, bicycling or just hanging out at the campground. We had our annual potluck dinner. We also held a celebration of life for some of the adventurous women from our group we have lost in the past few years.

Kayaking at Three Sisters Springs

We had a small group that went kayaking on a beautiful day at Three Sisters Springs. We saw manatees and had a great time. One of the local residents kept an eye on us from his perch at the top of a tree. Another one dined on seafood. Speaking of lunch, we went to lunch afterwards before heading home. We slept well after a wonderful day on the water.

Kayaking at Three Sisters Springs

We had nine ladies go kayaking at Three Sisters Springs last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day on the water. We saw loons, manatees and turtles while paddling.  For one lady, this was her first kayaking trip.  Such a beautiful spot for your first paddle.

After a nice day on the water, we had lunch at a local restaurant before heading home.

Looking forward to more great trips like this one!