Kayaking at Weedon Island Preserve

With high tide at about 8:30 this morning, we had an early start for our kayaking trip at Weedon Island Preserve.  Well, not quite as early as planned but hey, we were on kayak time!  We had wonderful weather for the trip.  It didn’t get too warm until the end.

We had a small group of five ladies and only one was on her first tour of the mangrove tunnels.  We hit the tide about right paddling through the tunnels.  We saw lots of fiddler crabs crawling on the mangroves.  And fortunately, no snake sightings.
I’m not sure what trail-marker it was but when we hit one set of tunnels, it became easier to paddle if we broke our paddles a part and used only half of one. We were surprised on a holiday weekend not to see many other kayakers. In fact in the tunnels, we saw only one other paddler.  He was sitting at a point where we made a left turn and then had an incredible view of a very long mangrove tunnel.  He was sitting there enjoying the view. We interrupted his peaceful morning but we quickly moved on.

At one point in a tunnel, there was a branch that made a “V” with the bottom of that V in the water.  The decision to paddle through and over the bottom of that “V” was the wrong one.  Best to go around it.  🙂

As we navigated our way from one trail marker to the next, when we were in open areas, we saw lots of mullet jumping.  We saw a few people fishing, mostly from kayaks but some from motor boats.

After we hit the point in the trail where we started paddling back towards the pier, we started seeing more people enjoying the day on the water.  I expect many more people were out there later in the day.

We arrived at the take-out spot just after 11:00 or so.  I think it took us about 3 hours or a little less for the round trip.  We kept a quick pace but not quick enough to wear anyone out.

We all had a great time and look forward to more kayaking trips this summer.

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