May Monthly Dinner: The Burg Diner

On a beautiful Wednesday evening, a dozen of us gathered around the large round table in the corner of The Burg Diner, overlapping to a nearby table.  Although next to the front window, we were oblivious to the traffic passing by on 49th Street as we studied both menus (they serve breakfast all day). The Burg Diner, a sister restaurant of The Burg Bar & Grill, serves Greek, Cuban and American cuisine.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

After telling the waitresses what we decided, conversations flew around the table as we caught up with each other and talked about upcoming trips.  Soon, the soup and salads arrived..many ordered a small Greek salad or Mama’s Lemon Chicken soup.  Some ordered the grape leaves.

As we finished the beginning of the meal, our entrees began to arrive.  We ordered from both menus: Super Greek Omelet, Portabello sandwich, Chicken Souvlaki, Cuban sandwich, black beans and rice, cheese burger with fresh fries, and humus.  Some ordered a large Greek salad for dinner.  It grew quiet as we focused on our food.   With large servings, some needed a box to take home leftovers.  A couple ladies ordered a Greek dessert, the name of which is not remembered. Created with a special flour mixed with fruit and perhaps a little sugar, it looked very good.

With the summer storm season arriving early this year, we were lucky to have a storm-free evening as we said our goodbyes and headed home, with fresh memories of another great monthly dinner.

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