November Monthly Dinner

Our final monthly dinner of the year was held at Tsunami Japanese Steak House in St. Petersburg.  Sixteen ladies gathered  around two tables to enjoy a fun evening, entertained by our chef as he cooked our dinner. Volcanoes erupted in front of us!  Protein choices ranged from steak to chicken to shrimp while others dined on sushi.  Lots of laughs were had.  After dinner, some ladies shared desserts: Green Tea Ice Cream, Red Bean Ice Cream, Fried Ice Cream and Banana Guns. 

As this meal came to an end and we made our way out to the parking lot, our thoughts turned to Thursday, when we will all share another fun meal, this time with our families.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tsunami Japanese Steak House in St. Petersburg

Fire erupted on the grill as the chef prepared to cook our meal.

The chef built an onion volcano for us.

The onion volcano burns some more.

A special message from the chef, created with rice.

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Chicken, shrimp, rice and vegies.

Fried ice cream.

Red Bean Ice Cream

Saved the best for last: Banana Guns (Tempura Fried Banana & Dark Chocolate Wrapped in Wonton Skin Served with Green Tea Ice-cream, Sliced Almonds & Assorted Sauces.)

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