Paddle with survivors of ovarian cancer and their supporters

The weather forecast Saturday morning left many wondering whether to attend. On Friday night, an hour by hour forecast on The Weather Channel Web site said 40% chance of rain until about 12:30 or 1:00. But as I have said before, you never know and it’s always good to go to the launch site and make a decision there. Saturday morning we woke up to find the hourly forecast changed to 0% or 5% chance of rain for the morning. If you watched the weather report on TV, I think the weather forecasters were predicting 70% chance of rain for the area. However if you looked closely at the radar, all that green stuff was not over Fort De Soto.

It was a hard call to make especially when sleeping in on a rainy morning seemed so inviting. About half the group made that choice.

The other half headed to Fort De Soto. We had nine people show up for the trip. It rained a few drops as we drove to the park but after that, we never had any rain.

We all had a great time. As we headed out to our destination, the Arrowhead picnic area, we paddled through relatively calm water and little wind.  We watched mullet jump and other fish swim, some swimming fast to get away from larger fish. At one point, a couple of us saw some redfish tailing and regretted not having our fishing gear with us.

A noise in the distance reminded us we were in nature’s playground. A couple of dolphin were playing with each other and delighted us with a synchronized tandem jump out of the water. We saw a few more along the way.

Thanks to a prediction of a rainy morning, we practically had the park  to ourselves.  We saw only a few other paddlers and people fishing.

When we arrived at Arrowhead, we took advantage of the facilities there while also enjoying a snack. However, snacks were not enough. We decided it was time for lunch!

The trip back seemed a lot quicker, perhaps because we were motivated with thoughts of a good meal. We were fortunate again as we had no wind on the return trip.

The overcast sky was great because it kept the weather cool and just as we arrived back to the launch site, the sun even came out!

We loaded up our boats and headed to Billy’s in Tierra Verde where we enjoyed fish spread, shrimp, salad and more.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to support this event, even if you chose sleep instead because of the weather. We will be rescheduling for another date when the weather isn’t as questionable.  A special thanks to everyone who did go kayaking for a great morning on the water.

Check out some pictures from the trip.

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