Scalloping FAQ

Question: I’m new at scalloping.  What tips do you have for me?

Answer: Bring socks to wear with your flippers to avoid sores.  Sometimes flippers rub against the tops of your toes while swimming.  Also, get a sample bottle of baby shampoo to bring.  Use it in your mask to keep it clear while snorkeling. And don’t forget to have sunscreen put on your back!

Question: Wow, it’s August.  That’s a few hours in the heat. Is it hot out there?

Answer: No. Swimming in the water keeps you cool. In fact, if you just float, you might get a little chilled but then swimming a few strokes warms you back up.  On the way back, the boat will be moving at various speeds, effectively creating a breeze.  You will want to drink plenty of water while you are out there.

Question: Do I need a fishing license to go scalloping?

Answer: If you hire a captain to go scalloping, his fishing license should cover you.

Question: Do I need to bring my own snorkel, fins and mask?

Answer: No, the captains usually have snorkels, fins and masks for everyone. However some people prefer to bring their own snorkel and/or mask and borrow fins.

Question: What do I need to bring on the boat?

Answer: Bring water, drinks, snacks and lunch.  Also, bring a hat and sunscreen. Some people like to swim with a shirt on and some people like to bring a dry shirt to put on for the trip back.  If you have your own snorkeling gear, don’t forget that! One person in the group needs to provide a cooler for the boat for everyone’s drinks and food.

Question: What happens to the scallops when we get back?

Answer: That’s a decision for you to make as a group on  your boat.  You can clean them yourselves or you can hire some locals waiting at the dock to clean them for you. To clean them yourselves, you’ll need a spoon, knife, and plastic bags. If you choose to hire someone, your captain can recommend someone to you.  Also, you need to bring a small cooler with you on the trip (but not on the boat) to keep your scallops cool for the trip back home.



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