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Little Manatee River State Park Hike

The hike at Little Manatee River State Park was a shorter hike than usual. Half of the trail was closed.  Still it was a good hike and we did get to hike a little bit along the river.  It was a little wet at the very beginning but after that, we were good to go.  One interesting note at the entrance was to keep an eye out for a missing bull. It has escaped from one of the nearby ranches.  Fortunately, we did not run into it.  Afterward we headed to Yoder’s Amish Restaurant for a great lunch and of course, some pie.

Fort De Soto Camping Trip

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend on our tenth annual camping trip at Fort De Soto.  The weather got a little windy late in the afternoon but the windiness didn’t stay long and was nothing like last year.  We had great weather this year.

Saturday morning started out with our fishing tournament.  We had about 13 people pick up a tournament packet but only six caught fish.  Continue reading