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May Monthly Meeting

Our May monthly meeting was held on Wednesday, May 15th, at 6:30 at
 Bill Jackson’s in Pinellas Park.

Great meeting tonight! Our speakers, Barb and Stephanie from the Clearwater Audubon Society brought a couple of guests for their talk: a peregrine falcon and a barn owl (pictures below).

Interested in seeing more or a particular bird in your neighborhood? They mentioned this database on the Audubon Society’s website:
https://www.audubon.org/native-plants Enter your zip code and a list of plants are displayed along with the types of birds those plants attract. Where can you buy those plants? Click on Buy Now, then Buy Local and scroll down. A list of nurseries that sells those plants is displayed.

Interested in learning more about birds? Check out this smartphone app from the National Audubon Society: https://www.audubon.org/app The app helps you ID birds. It includes audio clips and pictures. You can also track the birds that you see and post your photos.

Check out the Clearwater Audubon Society Facebook page at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/213954165290043/ to find their summer reading list of books about birds.

If you are interested in attending a bird walk, both the Clearwater Audubon Society and St. Petersburg Audubon Society maintain a list of programs and field trips on their websites. There is also this Pinellas County Birding Guide

There are many volunteer opportunities from standing on a beach near bird-nesting colonies to prevent people and dogs from disturbing them to volunteering at a facility to helping with a bird count. Learn more, including contact information, on this page:

Found an injured bird? If it is a bird of prey/raptor, call the Wild Raptor Sanctuary at 727-798-2385. If it is not a bird of prey such as a duck or a shorebird, call Birds in Helping Hands at 727-365-4592 (Shelley) or 904-703-2815 (Linda).

Thanks to Barb and Stephanie for sharing their time and knowledge!

Meeting attendees listen and learn about the barn owl that Stephanie is holding

Meeting attendees listen and learn about the barn owl that Stephanie is holding
Barb holds the peregrine falcon.
Barb holds the peregrine falcon.
A barn owl that is part of the educational program at the Wild Raptor Sanctuary in Clearwater.
This barn owl is part of the educational program at Wild Raptor Sanctuary.
Stephanie holds the barn owl as it spreads it wings.
Stephanie holds the barn owl as it spreads it wings.

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February Monthly Meeting

We had a great meeting last night, with about 27 in attendance.  We introduced the new slate of officers for the year and met people new to the group.  We discussed our upcoming kayaking trip to Three Sisters to see the manatees.  We also got a quick demo of Slack, our new communication forum.

Our featured speaker was Debbie from the camping department at Bill Jackson’s.  She had many interesting stories to share as she showed us all kinds of camping equipment to use on trips.  We learned about stoves, chairs, hammocks, backpacks, pouches for packing items, socks and more. She did a great job and gave us ideas of things to take on the annual Fort De Soto camping trip.


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