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Upcoming Kayaking Trip

Note: As of Thursday, July 13, it looks like we will reschedule this.  If you were planning to attend, please drop a note to the address below.

Weather permitting, our next trip will be on Saturday, July 15 at Fort De Soto.  We will launch at about 9:00 a.m. Interested in joining us? Drop us a note at info@theadventurouswoman.org


12th Annual Camping Trip at Fort De Soto

We had our 12th annual camping trip at Fort De Soto and finally, a weekend without wind!  We had great weather this year.  For the first time we did not have a fishing tournament but that didn’t keep us from catching.  Some of participated in a fishing clinic with Neil Taylor.  Unfortunately, one of us flipped our boat after turning to toss out the anchor, right after pulling the phone out to snap a picture of the fish.  So while the fishing rod was recovered, the waters of Fort De Soto have gobbled another cell phone.  Others caught trout and one lady fish.

Kim decided to take over the scavenger hunt this year and revised it, after participating in a scavenger hunt with her Krewe.  She organized it so people participated in teams of three and it was limited to the one loop, so people didn’t have to explore the entire campground to find items on the list.  I do not remember who the winners were but will try to update later with that information.

At our group dinner, the theme was the 50s and many people dressed up.  The food was great ranging from various kinds of shrimp to chicken to pork.  As usual we had too much!  Lots of good sides, salads and desserts.

On Sunday, there was yoga for some and more kayaking or fishing for others.  Then some of us packed up and headed home, while others spent one more evening out there, enjoying a quiet evening on the water with another beautiful sunset.

Fort De Soto Camping Trip

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend on our tenth annual camping trip at Fort De Soto.  The weather got a little windy late in the afternoon but the windiness didn’t stay long and was nothing like last year.  We had great weather this year.

Saturday morning started out with our fishing tournament.  We had about 13 people pick up a tournament packet but only six caught fish.  Continue reading

Paddle with survivors of ovarian cancer and their supporters

The weather forecast Saturday morning left many wondering whether to attend. On Friday night, an hour by hour forecast on The Weather Channel Web site said 40% chance of rain until about 12:30 or 1:00. But as I have said before, you never know and it’s always good to go to the launch site and make a decision there. Saturday morning we woke up to find the hourly forecast changed to 0% or 5% chance of rain for the morning. If you watched the weather report on TV, I think the weather forecasters were predicting 70% chance of rain for the area. However if you looked closely at the radar, all that green stuff was not over Fort De Soto. Continue reading