May Monthly Meeting: Pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago

Nancy sharing her adventures on the Camino de Santiago.

At our May monthly meeting, two adventurous ladies, Nancy Sigmon and Sandra Ceballos, shared with us the hike they took last fall on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. They didn’t know each other before they took this trip.  Each had already spent months planning this trip for themselves. They learned about each other and that they both lived in Pinellas County from a list of people signed up to take this trip.  They decided to travel to Spain together.  However, they both wanted their own journey on this pilgrimage and each respected that. They agreed in advance they would not walk together, allowing each one to travel at her own pace.

A few days after Hurricane Irma had landed in Florida, leaving many without power and gas stations without gas,  they drove to the Miami airport, luckily making it on one tank of gas. It has been hectic and crazy planning for the trip, especially when they added a visit from a hurricane and the loss of power to the list of last-minute details to work with.  But once they were on the plane, they could finally relax as they headed to Spain to start their pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.

This is a map of the Camino de Santiago

We had a large turnout to hear about this exciting adventure.

We had a large turnout to hear about Nancy and Sandra’s adventures on the Camino de Santiago.

Nancy and Sandra had a very informative talk, starting out with a little history about the Camino de Santiago.  They took turns sharing their story of how each decided to take this adventure.  They told us about some of the people they met along the way, their meals, their clothing and lots of tips about equipment for others planning to take this walk.

Nancy and Sandra share their experiences of their pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.

Nancy dressed in the same clothes she wore on her journey and they brought their backpacks.

Sandra and Nancy’s backpacks used on their hike on Camino de Santiago

While they would catch up with each other along the trail, they both took the journey at their own pace and with different strategies.  One of them had sent her backpack ahead each morning while the other toted hers on her back.  Nancy’s goal each day was 10 to 15 miles so she would have time  at the end of the day to relax and get to know the people of the town.  Sandra did not plan as much and flew by the seat of her pants, as they say.

They both are glad to have accomplished this goal and are looking forward to more adventures.

Polarsteps is a website and app you can use to track a trip.  You can post pictures to share and allow others to keep track of your trip.  Nancy and Sandra both created a Polarsteps track for their trip.  You will need to create an account on polarsteps and “follow” them to read their story.  Nancy’s journey is here and Sandra’s pilgrimage is here.

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