Fort De Soto Camping Trip

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend on our tenth annual camping trip at Fort De Soto.  The weather got a little windy late in the afternoon but the windiness didn’t stay long and was nothing like last year.  We had great weather this year.

Saturday morning started out with our fishing tournament.  We had about 13 people pick up a tournament packet but only six caught fish.  Linda won for most species.  She caught a pinfish, flounder, catfish, grunt and a 15-inch trout.  Marie caught four fish: a pinfish, catfish and two grunts.  Cindy won for longest fish with her 19 1/4-inch catfish.  She also caught two trout.  Carolyn came in second with longest fish, a 15 3/4-inch trout, her only catch.  Kim caught two trout.  The longest was 12 1/4 inches.  Melissa caught a 14-inch ladyfish.

Here is a picture as the sun rose over the campground on Saturday morning:

Sunrise at Fort De SotoThe dolphins were out feeding early in the morning.  It’s hard to get a picture of them but here is one headed right towards me!

Dolphin headed straight for you! Here is a side view of another dolphin:


Here is a view of the campground from the water:

Fort De Soto Campground from the water

The other activity on Saturday was the second annual scavenger hunt.  Using a camera, tablet or smart-phone, participants hunted for at least 25 items on a list as well as a bonus item worth five points.  All items are spread out throughout the three loops of the campground.  Here are some ladies on the hunt for items on the list:

On the hunt for scavenger hunt items. On the hunt for scavenger hunt items. On the hunt for scavenger hunt items. Here is one of the items, perhaps getting a bit worn out with having his picture taken!

IMG_7266 Scavenger Hunted

We had five or six individuals/groups get the bonus points, which was finding a garbage can with a particular number.  They all tied and at our dinner, birthday girl Cindy drew the winning name out of a hat.  Congrats to Jan!

It would not be a Fort De Soto camping trip without a raccoon!

 Raccoon at Fort De SotoThe weekend was also about just putting your feet up and relaxing:

Putting your feet up at Fort De Soto

Saturday night we all gathered together in one site for the traditional group photo and dinner.  This year our theme was disco.  Vonnie, Maura and others did a great job with the decorations.  Thanks to Vonnie for making everyone a pair of earrings.  And thanks to those of you who dressed in costume.  We couldn’t recognize some of you!  Everyone enjoyed the ribs, wings and all the other good food.


The Adventurous Woman at Fort De Soto

Some ladies extended the weekend by camping out Sunday night.  It was another great camping trip.  Looking forward to next year.


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