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November Monthly Dinner

Our final monthly dinner of the year was held at Tsunami Japanese Steak House in St. Petersburg.  Sixteen ladies gathered  around two tables to enjoy a fun evening, entertained by our chef as he cooked our dinner. Volcanoes erupted in front of us!  Protein choices ranged from steak to chicken to shrimp while others dined on sushi.  Lots of laughs were had.  After dinner, some ladies shared desserts: Green Tea Ice Cream, Red Bean Ice Cream, Fried Ice Cream and Banana Guns.  Continue reading

Monthly Dinner: Habana Cafe

Great turnout out for the monthly dinner!  About 20 ladies got together for dinner at this month’s location, Habana Cafe in Gulfport.  We had great service for our large group.  Our waitress got a lot of exercise as our table was upstairs.  The Cuban bread was warm and yummy. Extra baskets were ordered as we were magicians and the bread disappeared quickly.  With large portions of our dinner, many of us took half home to eat the next day.  Hmmm. Maybe we had too much bread at the beginning of dinner.  🙂

Check out pictures of the food we enjoyed:


Dinner at Ricky P’s (March Monthly Dinner)

In March, our monthly dinner was held at Ricky P’s in St. Petersburg. We had a good turnout and everyone enjoyed their food, from Po Boys to fish to gumbo to crab cakes. A couple of ladies even got the bread pudding for dessert. One of our members, a native of Louisiana, thought the bread pudding was the best compared to other restaurants we’ve been too. Here are some pictures from the evening: