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April Meeting

We had a great meeting tonight.  After discussing our past and upcoming trips, our guest speaker, Dr. Stephanie Jourdenais, DVM,  Associate Veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Largo talked to us about pets and first aid.

 Dr. Stephanie Jourdenais, DVM

Dr. Stephanie Jourdenais, DVM speaks at a meeting of The Adventurous Woman

She talked about some of the dangers lurking outdoors such as snakes or plants that pets might eat.  She also talked about some of the indoor hazards such as certain flowers for cats.  Throughout her talk, she asked questions and if you got it right, you won a pet magnet of your choice.  If you asked questions, you got chocolate.  Even better!  It was a great presentation and I think everyone went home more educated on how to deal with emergency situations with their pets.  Let’s hope we don’t have to use this new knowledge.

During the meeting, a dog and a cat kept an eye on each other.